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Who is Alex?

~ Logos & Concept Art ~

I create artwork that will capture the imagination of your soul clients and draw them to you and your work.

I create a suite of visuals that truthfully communicate the essence of your enterprise and your mission. Custom designed illustrations and art that are engaging, dynamic, fun, beautiful, inspiring and effective.

Often you will have a sense of what you want, but no clear visuals. Through our consultations I will help you articulate the spirit of your business so that I can express that through your artwork. Intuitive drawing.

This is a co-created, collaborative process. It is an investment in your business, creating visuals that will help it grow for years to come.

I create artwork by hand, then scan and edit into digital formats. This gives my work a tactile, organic quality that cannot be captured with digital tools.

Other services

Children's book illustrations ~ scenic art & signage ~ commissioned bespoke art as gifts ~ educational colouring printables ~ future self portraits ~ lettering ~ mnemonic posters ~ journaling guides ~ live event illustration

Tell me more...

Who is Alex?

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